Here are some ideas for the travelers

They say travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.
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IRAN Prepaid Travel Card gives travelers the freedom to redeem their gift in exchange for a wide variety of excursions.
Our Prepaid Travel cards can be used towards any aspect of your holiday,travelers can use their card for anything from a helicopter tour in North of Iran to a hot-air balloon ride in South.
There are more than 1000 tours and activities to choose from.
Travel cards are generally good for one year from the date of purchase or as required by local law. Payments made with the card are quick and simple. Know that the cards can be redeemed for cash.
Purchase your Travel Card online and have it delivered via registered post within approximately 7 working days in IRAN. A $10 standard postage and handling fee applies.
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  1. Yasejavan Post authorReply

    Use Iranian Rials when you are wandering out and shopping or eating (most places only accept Rials). Iranian currency also has two rates, thankfully, the lower rate is an official rate and not reachable for tourism.

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