How much money to budget for traveling to IRAN?

One of the most difficult things about independent travel to Iran is how much money to budget for some weeks of travel. Iran is not connected to the western banking system. This means, although there are plenty of ATM’s and banks across the country, you cannot withdraw cash with your debit or credit card. You can put your card in the machine but it will give you the message they cannot make a connection with the bank. Therefore you need to put all your travel money for Iran in your IRAN Travel Card. As a result, you need to calculate how much to bring, because you do not want to be stranded for money!

How much to budget for some weeks travel in Iran?

Ok, now how much do you need to bring when you plan to travel to Iran for example for 2 weeks? Here are some fees to give you an idea to manage your Iran travel budget.
Total costs for hotels in Iran:
with almost 40%, the costs for hotels is the biggest portion of the travel budget.
14 nights: €400 (435$). Average: 28,50€ (31$) per night.
Costs for transport in Iran:
Total costs for domestic airfare (1x), bus tickets (4x), 2x metro in Tehran and taxi’s (1.000x): 6.905.000 Rial (155€ or 170$)
Total amount spend on food, drinks and snacks:
3.518.000 Rial (88€ or 95$)
Only covering 9% of the 2 weeks Iran travel budget, the food costs are a bit low and might not be representative. If you have lunch, ice cream and eat more candy, you can add easily 250.000 Rial per day.
Costs for tours in Iran:
we recommend you to do a lot of tours while travelling in in Iran. It’s an easy way to meet other travellers and you get to see a lot in a short time. 2 weeks of travel in Iran isn’t enough time to really do everything independent and the tours are just very easy.
Total amount spend on entrance fees and tours:
8.886.000 Rial (225€ or 245$)
Total costs of 2 weeks travel in Iran: 1.025€ (1,117$). That comes down to a daily travel budget of 68€ (or 74$) on average.
Iranian prepaid debit card designed for tourists and temporary visitors. You can add funds to your card, in your preferred currency and convert it to Iranian Rial (IRR). if you need more money in your trip that’s No problem.

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