There are various ways to stay online while you’re in IRAN. A SIM card for your phone is one option. Must knows about IRAN Tourist SIM cards. The “IRAN prepaid Tourist SIM card”, offered by MCI.
A prepaid SIM card for IRAN is easy to buy, install and use;
enjoy having high speed internet available everywhere you go: in the bus/train, while hiking, and while relaxing out of town.


  • You only need one SIM card for multiple devices: you can use your phone as a WiFi hot-spot, so your other devices (tablet, laptop) can get online through your phone. Note that the speed may be reduced a bit if sharing the connection;
  • No additional costs, all is paid in advance. There’s no shipping fee either;
  • This is not a callback service. It’s direct calling, so no delays;
  • If you have used all your data you can recharge the SIM card.

Buying Iran Tourist SIM card online is much easier. You’ll be able to use it immediately without loosing time, and you won’t be depending on opening hours;


1- Passport of applicant (Email)

2- Payment confirmation (also we can send you an invoice)

IRAN Prepaid Tourist SIM Card

Basic Credit: 300,000 IRR

Free high-speed Internet for one month: 3GB
Price: $ 17
SIM card validity period: 60 days

Payment processing: You’re going to process all payments, including debit and credit cards, through PayPal.

IRAN Tourist SIM Card
IRAN Tourist SIM Card

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How to install the SIM card

Please read the included manual and follow the recommended steps. For your convenience we’ll list the procedure below:
1- Disable mobile data on your phone while traveling to IRAN if you don’t have a (good) data plan from your current provider;
2- Enable mobile data on your phone once you are in IRAN. Turn off your phone, remove your SIM card, insert the IRAN Tourist SIM card, and turn on your phone;
3- Disable roaming data on your phone;
4- You should now be online. If you’re connected to WiFi you can temporarily disable that to verify you can access the internet;
5- If you want to make online calls:
Install whats-app. Accept the phone number it displays. This is the number included on the card.