IRAN Travel Tips

Check all Iran Travel tips for starting your journey, there is 6 important thing that you have to know before coming to Iran.

  1. Any international credit card doesn’t work in Iran. So you can use cash or IRAN Travel Card.
  2. Girls and women over the age of nine must wear a hijab when out in public, even tourists. So women have to covered her heirs and wear a long dress, and it is illegal for men to wear shorts or neckties in Iran.
  3. Alcohol is forbidden in Iran.
  4. Emergency numbers are 110_ police , 125_ Fire Stations  , 115_ ambulance ،141_ Road Info.
  5.  Internet doesn’t support many sites such as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram, so locals who wish to use those sites and applications need to use a private VPN.
  6. Iranians love treating foreigners. People you meet are going to want to take you out and pay for everything. Do offer to pay yourself, but if they refuse you just give in and go with the flow. Maybe some people ask you about taking photograph. Be happy because you can feel like a celebrity in Iran .if you are lucky they will invite you to their parties and you can find out about Iranian Lifestyles and clubbing in their properties. [s1]

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    If you’re travelling for a couple of weeks or more and are planning to shop, a travel money card may be a good idea.

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