Order IRAN Tourist SIM Card

Now you can obtain IRAN Tourist SIM Card(s)

IRAN Tourist SIM Card
IRAN Tourist SIM Card has;

Basic Credit: 300,000 IRR

Free high-speed Internet for one month: 3GB
Price: $ 17
SIM card validity period: 60 days

[paypal id=”01″ text=”Buy Now” product=”IRAN Prepaid Tourist SIM Card Basic Credit: 300,000 IRR Free high-speed Internet for one month: 3GB Price: $ 17 SIM card validity period: 60 days” email=”Payment@asktravelcounselor.com” price=”17″ currency=”USD” quantity=”1″ type=”buynow” style=”default” target=”_self” color=”#009CDE”]

Payment processing: You’re going to process all payments, including debit and credit cards, through PayPal.

Send a copy of your passport to: order@asktravelcounselor.com

  • if you need more than one IRAN Tourist SIM Cards just let we know, we will send an invoice to you as soon as receive your inquiry.

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