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People often fear the new, it’s human nature. But we’ve now reached the tipping point of the digital economy, when people are finally shedding the distrust of new technologies. And why not? An e-wallet is not fundamentally different from a wallet; it’s just updated to suit our current needs. we accept these Payment Methods with confidence but for more contact us.

Payment Methods

Send and receive money online with


online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.


one more point, Payza is easy and free in IRAN.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is using increasingly all over the world. It has been used since 2009.

Electronic payment systems, Debit/credit cards and Banks in 200+ countries around the world.

Online invoice

Online Invoicing by Email – Practical, Professional and Effective– your invoice arrives instantly.

Not only is security important but we also believe that customer care is absolutely vital, Our customers can pay instantly using their e-wallet or their credit cards. The currency we accept is here.

Euro (EUR) €
130000 (IRR)
US Dollar (USD) $
120000 (IRR)
British Pound (GBP) £
150000 (IRR)
Canada Dollar (CAD) $
90000 (IRR)

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