Let’s take a closer look before pondering the prepaid travel money card, you’re not alone. Here people have a place to share and discover Iran Travel Card reviews, and we have the opportunity to turn consumer feedback into business results and Create better experiences. Iran Travel Card is the best choice prepaid card for Iran travelers.

Just some of the many benefits;

You’re going to love your new Iran prepaid Travel card!

  • Quick & easy international payment
  • Access your card the moment you land
  • Instant online approval with no joining fee

Before leaving your home country

order your card online in 2 minutes, and your card prepare before you arrive in Iran. The Card are issued by Iran Banks Limited.

Transfer money to your card with zero fees and competitive exchange rates.

Arriving in Iran

Start using your Iran Travel card the moment you land

With money loaded, you’re ready to go! Make your first payments using Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminal or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Spending like a local in Iran

Your everyday card for shopping

It’s time to shop for food, clothes, souvenirs and other essentials!

You deserve better, safer and fairer Travel services in Iran. We’re the people working to make that happen. We aim to continually improve, and every review helps us provide better experiences for everyone.

Latest Iran Travel Card reviews

5 thoughts on “IRAN Travel Card – Reviews

  1. Shoka Reply

    It was an amazing and unbelievable trip to IRAN. I didn’t think that will be such a memorable trip in my life specially with IRAN TRAVEL CARD. It makes leisure and safety during my trip for every purchasing and paying costs also keeps me safe from cheating. Don’t worry about trusting to this Company and try to see IRAN tranquility.
    I promise you won’t be regret about that 😉

  2. Berardin Reply

    I see in IRAN it is common to pay small amounts with card because it’s both easy for the salesmen and customers. Iran Travel Card which is provided by ATC for tourists is a famous and trusted one. you can apply for it like a piece of cake!

  3. Teresa Reply

    I have used IRAN Travel Card and it was much more convenient than handling money for small purchases, even street vendors accept the card. Iran Travel Card is excellent and almost all places you go, there is the possibility of using it. be aware that sometimes you have to say out loud your PIN number, I guess is normal there, as I saw locals doing too, in this case is good to learn the numbers in Farsi.

  4. Guilherme Fadista Reply

    The Iran Travel Card was a great support during my trip to Iran. Even back home I don’t feel comfortable carrying cash on me, so the card makes everything easier. You can use it to even buy food on street markets, or book tickets online, or charge your phone, aside from regular shopping in stores and restaurants. After the trip, any amount left is refunded at the same exchange rate so nothing is lost.
    The only inconvenience I currently see about the card is that for any bank related operations, includish cash withdrawal, it only works with Saman Bank ATMs, and in some areas of Iran it can be more difficult to find than ATMs from other banks.
    Overall it’s a great help for foreigners traveling around in Iran!

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