How to get Iranian credit card?

Carrying too much cash around is often a major concern for travelers. Not only are there risks of losing it, but being constantly on the move often leads to Murphy’s Law at some point or another. This is especially true when coming to Iran because the American financial embargo means “Cash is King,” so international bank cards don’t work here. However there is now a convenient and secure solution, IRAN Travel Cards,Tourist Cards and Gift Cards issued by the largest Iranian Banks.

How to get Iranian credit card ?

How is payment process in Iran ?

How can exchange money in Iran ?

Travel Iran with peace of mind!

We have good news for you ,if you are going travel to Iran. Travelers who had traveled to Iran in the past few years encountered with some problems, due to they could not use credit cards in Iran. Problems such as:

  • Rarely can’t find shops that supporting international credit card in Iran
  • Based on law, travelers can’t open a new bank account by own in Iran
  • Carrying Cash isn’t safe
  • Problems regarding the currency exchange

Our travel counselor team in cooperation with IRAN’s Banks try to solved these problems .You can apply to get Tourist Credit Card through our travel company and do your all payment when you are in Iran.

What is IRAN Travel card?
Electronic cards for travelers when they are in Iran.This credit card allows you to purchase anything in Iran with Iranian currency and also travelers can use all payment channels in Iran as ATM, POS ,Internet payment, Mobile apps and online shopping.

How to get IRAN Travel card?
You can apply to get Iran Travel card through valid travel company in Iran. In this process, our travel counselor in Iran send your request based on your personal information to IRAN’s Bank as your representative or guarantor. The fee for opening account is about 25 to 63 USD and you can transfer or charge it unlimited. The card is active and ready to use as soon as you charge it.

The documents that travel counselor need to apply are your passport copy and application form and is better to apply for tourist card as same time as apply for your visa.

Advantages of Tourist Credit Card:
*Carrying Credit Card is more safe than cash in Travel

*Have 24/7 support center

*It’s easy to get and works everywhere, anytime

*Doesn’t need opening a new bank account

*Purchase anything in Iran as shopping, all Domestic ticket, cellphone credit by yourself like Iranian citizens or through online services

*Reduce the currency exchange Rate

*Travelers can do all Internet bank service as withdrawing money,checking your account balance and get bank activity report by all issued bank ATMs

*You can recharge your tourist card by referring to your agent

IRAN Travel Cards
The Iran Travel Card is a transaction card in Iranian Rials issued for tourists while traveling in Iran. The card avoids the need to carry large sums of cash, and can be used throughout Iran’s major banking network.
The Tourist Card is available for all foreign travellers coming to Iran. There are in excess of 50,000 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) around the country. With the Iran Tourist Card travellers can easily book online tickets such as domestic flights (Iran Air, Mahan Air), Buses and train tickets, and book hotels and tours.
To purchase the IRAN Travel Card, you must present a valid visa and your passport. Cash is deposited onto the card with a designated expiry date based on the travellers’ itinerary – US Dollar, Euro and British Pound are accepted.

what you should know before order your travel card(s).
– Money will be transferred to IRAN Travel card according to free market exchange rate (Sarafi rates-check the Exchange rate in Table), rather than the official international bank rates.
– The fee for issuing each IRAN Travel card is 6 Euro per card.
– The minimum limit of charging IRAN Travel cards is U.S. $ 250,000.
– IRAN Travel Cards can be used throughout the whole Iranian banking system which is called Shetab network.
– Cash can be withdrawn in Bank ATMs, however are free of charge.
– There is no fee to use your Bank IRAN Travel Card to make purchases from POS or over internet.
– ATM machines support English interface.
– Passwords for IRAN Travel Cards can be changed using issued Bank ATM machines free of charge.
– Customers can be informed about the remaining balance of IRAN Travel Cards through issued Bank Iran’s website (IRAN Travel Card internet bank), all ATMs throughout the country, and all POS systems.
– Customers can take billing statements and be informed about the breakdown of their IRAN Travel Card transactions in ATMs.
– Your card will allow you to pay for goods and services without any transaction fees through the internet such as booking planes, trains and bus tickets.
– The Minimum amount of withdrawing cash from ATM machines is 10,000 Tomans per day (~ U.S. $2).
– The Maximum amount of withdrawing cash from ATM machines is 500,000 Tomans per day (~ U.S. $130).
– No daily spending limit per day.
– No transaction limit per day.
– The expiry date of Tourist Card will be the date when clients’ visas are expired.
– Funds can be transferred from Tourist Cards to other cards.
– Funds can not be transferred to IRAN Travel Cards.
– The remaining cash on IRAN Travel Cards can be converted to foreign currencies and paid to customers according to the daily exchange rates.

Useful Tips before Buying the IRAN Travel Card?
It is highly recommended to purchase a SIM card before purchasing the IRAN Travel Card. If travelers register their phone number to their cards, they can receive free notifications of banking transactions for added security.

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