IRAN Tourist Gift Cards

There are both Tourist Cards and Tourist Gift Cards in Iran. The prepaid Tourist cards require more personal information and more time to register, in return prepaid tourist cards record more transaction data and have more customer functionality. However Tourist gift cards require less information and you can buy them in cash from almost every bank branch across Iran, however security and functionality is more limited. Tourist Gift card are sold in different value benchmarks, and similar to Cards money can not be transferred to them electronically.

Specifications of Iran Tourist Gift cards

  • The Maximum value of Tourist Gift card is 5,000,000 Rials (~ U.S. $150)

  • Online payments are possible.

  • Cash can be withdrawn from ATM machines.
  • Deposited money can be refunded online or only at the branch from which the Gift card had been purchased.
  • Tourist Gift cards have a one-year expiry date.

The Verdict: Tourist Gift Cards or a Prepaid Tourist Cards?

The only real advantages of buying Tourist Gift Cards instead of prepaid Tourist Cards is to save time on the purchase, plus it offers more flexibility ordering online or buying from local bank branches. Otherwise the prepaid Tourist Card offers higher storage limits, more security, and better accounting.

Keep in mind that prepaid Tourists Cards and Tourist Gift Cards are made for different customer needs, so ultimately you should decide which is more convenient for your banking requirements while traveling in Iran. Still undecided? You can always discuss the options with our counselors before you purchase. Just remember we can assist you in English if you have any further questions.

How to buy Tourist Gift Cards in Iran?
You can purchase tourist gift cards in almost every bank that you want, whether that be at airports or city branches. Almost all the banks offer gift cards, however a limited number of banks in small cities sell gift card services.
You can also order your Gift cards online and get it when you arrive in IRAN.

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