Iran Prepaid Travel Card

most of the travelers asked;
– Is There a Debit / prepaid travel card service for travelers by Iran Banks?

– Are there ANY ATMs in Iran and if so, what card(s) do they take?

– Do I have to back pack round with wads of cash?

Iranian currency is Iranian Rial.

There is another money unit in Iran which is called Toman and is equivalent to 10 Rials. Toman is more common in oral quotes, while Rial is the official unit and used in most verbal documents. Price etiquette may come either in Rial or Toman and usually are understood by the buyers. In case of doubt, check it with the seller.

For exchanging money, travellers can refer to the banks which have a sign of “exchange” on their entrance. There are also authorized exchange shops in the airport or tourist areas where they can exchange their money at a bit more cost, but fast. These shops are called “sarrafi” in Persian which is the equivalent word for exchange.  

Foreign credit cards are not still a reliable way for payments in Iran, as the situation of their acceptance changes a lot. Sometimes, you can use it and sometimes you can’t. So, it’s better to forget it at least at this time. Hopefully, according to the new financial laws, this problem will be solved by IRAN PREPAID TRAVEL Card. There are many ATMs everywhere in Iran, but they only accept the domestic cards and are currently useful to foreigners who have IRAN Travel Card.

We plan to issue a prepaid card exclusively for foreign tourists visiting IRAN.
It is easily possible to get a type of Iranian Prepaid card which can be used all around the country.
See all benefits of IRAN Travel Cards and start to order!

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